Wisdom lamp model 4A


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(This lamp is NOT MSHA certified, see our Wisdom Wiselite2 if you are looking for the MSHA approved Wisdom lamp)

This is the lamp you’ve been waiting for!? It is light weight (less than .5lb), IP68 rated waterproof to 20+ meters and functions as a power bank to recharge your cell phone or other USB device such as tablets and GPS!? Lamp is equipped with a battery indicator system so you can check state of charge at any time and is rechargeable using supplied USB cord or with the NWB-30 Charger (sold separately).? Unlike most lamps on the market, these lights were designed for underground mine use so they are SERIOUSLY RUGGED and will last for years!

A long run time, rugged build and ability to charge phones and small electronics makes this the perfect light for mining, outdoor sports, emergency preparedness, bugout bags and more!

These lamps have three modes of operations as follows:
High / 25,000 lux / 533 lumen / 5 hours of operation
Med / 12,000 lux / 265 lumen / 13 hours of operation
Low / 1,800 lux / 50 lumen / 60 hours of operation

Northwest Mine Supply is THE U.S. distributor for Wisdom products, why go anywhere else?!?!?


  • Wisdom lamp 4A with stainless steel/nickel adjustable bracket
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Micro-USB Adapter Cord
  • Female USB Adapter Cord (used to connect your own USB charging cable to the light)

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Wisdom Warranty Information:

Wisdom lamps are covered by a 2 year warranty from date of manufacture, adapters have a 1 year warranty, power cables and USB charging cable have a 6 month warranty.
This warranty covers lamp defects during the warranty period and will be repaired or replaced pending approval by Wisdom, you will be required to send the original lamp back to the original distributor it was purchased from.

The following is not covered under this warranty:
Expired warranty period.? Physical appearance issues due to damage.? Unauthorized tampering or attempts to disassemble the unit.? Product damage caused by improper use including; use of aftermarket chargers; use beyond standard operating instructions; failure to use the product in a specified environment resulting in failure or damage; damage due to improper maintenance; malicious damage (physical abuse); failure and damage due to forces of nature (i.e. fire, earthquake, snow, lightning, floods, etc.)

Model Comparison

Wiselite2 Wisdom
Brightness Modes High High, Low High, Medium, Low
MSHA Approved Yes (19-A160002-0) No No
PA Approved Yes (BFE 2116) No No
Continuous Disharge Time 16h 13h (High)
60h (Low)
5h (High)
13h (Medium)
60h (Low)
Main Light Working Current 400mA 570mA (High)
80 mA (Low)
1400 mA (High)
570 mA (Medium)
80 mA (Low)
Main Light Power 1.2W 1.71W (High)
0.24W (Low)
4.2W (High)
1.17W (Medium)
0.24W (Low)
Main Light Luminous Flux 167Lm 265LM (High)
50LM (Low)
533LM (High)
265LM (Medium)
50LM (Low)
Lamp Lighting Degree
(Initial Lighting degree in 1m)
8500Lux 12000lx (High)
1800lx (Low)
25000lx (High)
12000lx (Medium)
1800lx (Low)
Can be charged with USB cable No Yes Yes
Lens Type Partial Dispersion Clear Clear


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 6 in

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