Wisdom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Wiselite 2 come with a charger?

The Wisdom Wiselite 2 can be purchased as a standalone lamp or as a combo pack that includes the charger, the charger can also be purchased as a stand alone option.

Why is my Wisdom 4A stuck on low/med/high?

Wisdom headlamps come with a mode lock feature, if you only use one level most of the time you don’t have to cycle through the different modes every time. This feature can be turned on by double tapping the power button while the light is in the desired mode. It can be turned off by double tapping the power button while the light is on.

Where is the battery level indicator located?

The battery indicator is located inside the main bulb of the light, with the light off hold the power button down for about two seconds, one, two, or three bulbs will light up. One indicates >30% charge, two indicates >60% charge, three indicates >90% charge.

How do I turn on the flashing S.O.S. emergency mode?

While the light is off, hold down the power button for about 4 seconds, the battery indicator lights will first come on, then the main light will begin to flash the S.O.S pattern.