WISDOM Aurora Pro 120,000 LUX


******NOTE:   These flashlights are SPECIAL ORDER only*******   Please expect as long as 3 to 4 months for delivery

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******NOTE:   These flashlights are SPECIAL ORDER only*******   Please expect as long as 3 to 4 weeks for delivery


Wisdom Aurora Pro Flashlight

Simply the best. Aurora Pro has all the necessary features you would want from a powerful flashlight.

Aurora Pro is capable of bringing the light anywhere safely for a very long time.

*Fact* Aurora Pro is as bright as sun light from 1 meter away. (120 000 Lux)

Power comes from 4x 18650 Li-ion batteries inside the fully cooled cold forged aluminium cover.

You also never have to worry about the batteries, because dismantling the light is not possible and charging is done with the WISDOM table charger (included).

Light is adjustable seamlessly with 237 illumination levels. You can skip to lowest or highest setting with a simple double click though.

For example in case of emergency the light beam is visible from 2000 Meters away.



  • 3192 Lm – 120 000 Lux  |  4.5 Hours
  • Over 300 Hours for the lowest light mode
  • 4x 3500 mAh 18650 Panasonic Li-ion
  • 237 Illumination Levels & Lock option
  • 2000 Meters illuminating range
  • Charge time only 4 Hours (4.2V dc)
  • 21W LED Output
  • Size 7.7″ * OD 2.6″ Inch / 195mm * OD 66mm
  • Weight 1.10 lbs / 490 Grams


Rated Capacity                                                        14,000mAh
3,192 Lumen Discharge Time                             4,5 Hours
Lowest Mode Discharge Time                             Over 300 Hours
Seamless illumination levels                                237 Levels
Light intensity highest mode (1 meter)             120,000 Lux
Rechargeable batteries                                         4x 18650 Li-ion Panasonic
Ambient temperature                                           -20 to 60 Degrees Celsius
Charging Time                                                        4 Hours
Dimensions                                                              195xOD66mm (7.7xOD2.6in)
Weight                                                                       490g 1.10 lbs
Warranty                                                                   2 Years from date of manufacture