Wisdom Charging Rack (204 Port)

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This double sided charging station has 204 charging ports (102 per side). Each port has its own LED that indicates whether the lamp is currently charging or fully charged.

Charging station works with Cordless Lamp Models:
Wisdom 3, Wisdom 4, Wisdom 6 and Wiselite2


Faster Charging – After applying the intelligent fast charging technology, the time to full charge the lamp is much less than before, the WISDOM Lamp 3A only requires about 5 hours.
Higher efficiency and less heat: Compared with the past generations of the chargers, the charger PCB of NWCR-120B is improved to be more efficient. Even fulled loaded it generates only a little heat.
Wide Range of Voltage: Voltage range of the AC power supply is: 100~240V. The wide range makes the charger applicable to specific voltage standard in all countries.

Technical specifications

Features NWCR-204B
AC input: 100~240 V ? 10%, 8.1 A, 50~60 Hz
DC output voltage: 4.80 V
DC output current: 2000 mA
Size: 191 ? 177 ? 43 cm; 75.2 x 69.7 x 16.9 in
Weight: 296 kg; 652.57 lb