The Fuel Ox Cold Charge

Available in 3oz, 8oz, 16oz, 64oz, gallon and 55 gallon drum.

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A full service winter additive that protects fuel systems from gelling and freezing while maintaining condition of fuel system.

  • Prevents fuel system icing and gelling
  • Depresses pour point
  • Reduces cold filter plugging point, soot, and smoke and emissions
  • Reduces regens
  • Increases fuel economy by as much as 5-8%
  • Lubricates fuel system
  • Increases responsive power of vehicle
  • Protects against internal corrosion of fuel tanks
  • Cleans injectors, fuel pumps, and filters
  • Reduces noxious fumes and gases
  • Removes water from fuel (demulsifer)
  • Completely soluble in all petroleum based fuels