Refurbished W65 Self Rescuer MSA 455299



Cleaned, Inspected, and Weighed.  These are all built in different months of 2019, and are good for 10 years.  Some show signs of being carried.  Some look like they just came out of the box.

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These are listed as REFURBISHED

These have all been removed from the box. Some have been carried and may have marks from being issued. All are manufactured in 2019. None have been marked for put in service.
They have been cleaned, and weighed and are ready for use.


The MSA Filter Self-Rescuers W65 is an Air-Purifying Respirator for one-time escape use providing protection against toxic carbon monoxide (CO) and other gases emitted in underground mine fires or explosions. The Filter Self-Rescuer is immediately ready-for-use after opening and removal from the container. It has a Latex-free mouthpiece and nose clip to reliably protect the user from the contaminated ambient air. The adjustable head harness allows for a tight fit and hands-free usage. The sturdy stainless steel container is hermetically sealed, providing long-lasting protection for the respirator.

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