Hunters Cap with Cordless LED Wisdom Lamp Model 4


Hunters Cap with Cordless LED Wisdom Lamp Model 4.  Great for Coon hunting or tracking game in the dark.

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This is the lamp you’ve been waiting for!  It is light weight (less than .5lb), Waterproof to 20+ meters, and functions as a power bank to recharge your cell phone or other USB device such as tablets and GPS!  Lamp is equipped with a battery indicator system so you can check state of charge at any time.  Unlike most lamps on the market, these lights were designed for underground mine use so they are SERIOUSLY RUGGED and will last for years!
A long run time, rugged build and ability to charge phones and small electronics makes this the perfect light for mining, outdoor sports, emergency preparedness, bugout bags and more!
These lamps have three modes of operations as follows:
High / 25,000 lux / 533 lumen / 5 hours of operation
Med / 12,000 lux / 265 lumen / 13 hours of operation
Low / 1,800 lux / 50 lumen / 60 hours of operation


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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