17 Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7FT Workbench


Heavy Duty Industrial Tool Storage Built to Last

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17-Drawer Midnight Pro Series 7-ft. Workbench

There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a job and not being able to lay your hands on the tool you need. Maybe it’s across the room, or somewhere in a junk drawer, or just on the other end of your workbench hidden underneath a jumble of other tools. Either way, it’s irritating. But with this 17-drawer tool chest, you can keep all of your tools organized and close at hand without having them in your way. And with our great prices, you won’t have to go broke to get your shop in order.

A Pro Tool Chest with Plenty of Space

The drawers of our 17-drawer toolbox have been designed to accommodate everything you need to stow. They’re long enough to store a long-handled screwdriver, tall enough to stow bulky tools out of sight, and strong enough to hold even your heaviest implements: The small drawers have a 100-pound capacity, while the large ones can hold up to 300 pounds! Each drawer slides smoothly on steel ball bearing slides, and each opens fully so you can reach everything inside easily. And all of the drawers lock to keep your tools safe when you’re done working for the day. You can even add foam drawer liners to help keep their contents organized and scratch-free.

A Strong Stainless Steel Work Surface

Don’t waste your time on a workbench that’s not enough sturdy enough to hold a bench grinder. This 17-drawer workbench has a top made from 14-gauge stainless steel, so it can take whatever you can dish out. It’s also got a four-inch backsplash to keep things from slipping down behind the workbench. And your tools won’t be the only thing that’s handy when you use this rock-solid tool chest: It’s also got six built-in power outlets and four USB ports, so you won’t have to move things around to free up an outlet or go looking for an extension cord. You’ll have everything you need to get the job done without needing to walk away from your project.

Need to take your tools with you? No problem. Add on a set of heavy-duty casters with your order and you’ll be able to wheel your 17-drawer tool chest anywhere you need it, whether that’s across the shop or onto a truck to take it to a remote job site. The only thing better than having all of your tools in one place is having that place always be where you need it, no matter where you are!

Measurements: 7 FT 5/8 L X 37.5 H X 28.5″ D
Our New 24 Drawer Midnight Pro Series Work Bench Features the following

  • All Steel Welded Frame 14 Gauge Square Tubing
  • All Steel Drawers with 14 Gauge Drawer Fronts
  • Galvanized Steel Drawer Bodies are 16 Gauge
  • Work surface is 14G STAINLESS STEEL
  • 4 inch lip on the top back work surface
  • Mixture of skinny drawers and deep drawers.
  • Inside size of drawers is 19.2 W X 23.2 Long
  • Inside wide drawers is 42.5 W X 23.2 Long
  • Fully Enclosed Backs
  • All Powder Coat Finish
  • Drawer Locks Included
  • Steel ball bearing rail slides with detent
  • Skinny Drawers are single railed and rated for 100 lbs each
  • Deep Drawers are double railed, with double gussets on the bottom and rated for 300lbs each
  • All Drawer Fully Open
  • Shipping Weight 1038 lbs
  • High Quality 1/8 Dragonfire Anti slip drawer liners available.
  • 6 Piece Heavy Duty Caster Set Available.

Additional information

Weight 1038 lbs
Dimensions 84.64 × 27.55 × 37.5 in

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